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Anal Queens – porn stars who movie gobs of butt sex, often exclusively, are a modern phenomenon. The word, itself, is a combination of “anal”queen.” Common knowledge on anal sex generally implies that, given its extreme and common pressure, many of these actresses should be limited by physical discomfort, muscle strain, or even the possibility of long or short-term injuries due to intense muscle contractions. This isn’t necessarily the case, however. Anal porn , when done right, can be intensely exciting and incredibly hot for women, men, couples, or even one-night stands. In fact, anal porn has proven to be among the most popular types of porn for years, thanks in part to the rise of anal porn video, a new and exciting form of pornography that features performers engaging in anal intercourse with one another and other men.

As is true with many forms of pornography, anal porn has become a very profitable niche industry, bringing in millions of dollars every year in sales and endorsements. But while the act of making an actress’s anus look as if it has been pierced with thousands of needles and pins might be highly erotic to some, to others it could be a serious medical problem. When it comes to pain, anal piercing may present some of the worst possible cases of skin puncture you could possibly have. For one thing, this type of piercing doesn’t heal in a normal way. While an individual’s body may heal from the actual piercing itself, the pain can be felt and experienced for months or even years after the initial piercing has healed.

Anal porn, like most forms of pornography, doesn’t address how much pain the piercing may cause, although some manufacturers of anal jewelry are trying to minimize the risk. While a small percentage of women are likely to experience any amount of pain with anal piercings, women are significantly more likely to experience painful, prolonged or debilitating injuries if they’re sexually penetrated. For this reason, most teen anal pieces and jewelry makers recommend that women avoid anal sex for up to three months after the piercing. or until the piercing heals fully, whichever is sooner. .

Download The Full Set Here !
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